Take More Chances, Dance More

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching dance is our passion and our studio promotes self-discovery through dance. Dance provides a vital source of energy that fills a person with confidence. We believe in sharing the gift of dance with all levels of dancers and providing opportunities for students to connect their experiences in life through expressions in dance.

Dance teaches many skills that help with the everyday aspects of life. These skills include:

Memorization, coordination, discipline, and confidence.

Encouraging dancers to be fearless when they dance, creates the satisfaction of accomplishment that will carry over into other areas of their life.

We provide progressively challenging material and the tools and guidance necessary to grow as a dancer and performer. In class, we will talk about the anatomy of the body, perform clear visual demonstrations, and explore rhythm and timing, while teaching with enthusiasm, discipline, clarity, and humor.

Based on the belief that students learn best through experience, dance classes are dynamic and action oriented. We want our dancers to enjoy what they are doing to ensure good attendance and years of participation at Dancin’ Feet.

Our goal is to produce thinking dancers, not simply moving bodies

Learning dance is both physically and mentally challenging. Each dancer will learn to express themselves in different ways, allowing for a more personal creative voice for each dancer.

As teachers, we will constantly strive to develop as artists and educators. As dancers and choreographers, we will teach with energy, creativity, and integrity, while creating an environment where students feel safe to express their emotions. We will continue to seek new dance techniques that will strengthen us as teachers and benefit each student. Teaching reignites our passion for dance and we want to share that passion with each dancer.