Policies & General Information

Attire Requirements

To provide the best dance education and training possible we have a dress code dancers must follow

Dancewear and shoes that meet our required dress code can be bought through our website link below


Your class will correspond with a category listed on our website (i.e. Ballet 7A will be category Ballet 5-9)

Required items must be purchased and worn to class every week

All hair must be pulled back away from face - ballet hair in buns

If you have any questions, just ask!

** This is not a requirement for summer classes, just our regular September - June dance year **


     Tuition is paid monthly and remains the same whether it is a long (5 weeks) or short (3 weeks) month

     There is a $3.00 discount if received by the 15th of each month

     Pro-rated fees only apply to new students during their first month of classes

     Students may be dropped due to excessive absences unless a prior arrangement has been made

Holidays 2022-2023

Dancin’ Feet will be closed for the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Memorial Day Holidays

  October 31


  November 18-27

     One-week holiday for Thanksgiving

  December 23–January 8

     Two-week holiday for Christmas and New Years

  April 7-16

     One-week holiday for Easter

  May 29

     Memorial Day